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About Rivet 2

IU maintains a massive web presence, and a user may jump from email to software and websites in one experience. That makes it difficult for designers and developers to know which system to use at any given time. We want to change that.

See how it works

How it works

Design systems help designers and developers craft cohesive and consistent experiences. Pattern libraries, style guides, templates, and technical documentation are each their own kind of design system—and in that regard, IU has many:

  • Rivet is IU’s design system for software
  • The Web Style Guide is IU’s design system for websites
  • The branding guidelines are IU’s design system for the larger web and print environments

Updates & features

Rivet 2 will align, combine, and streamline these design systems. It will absorb the Web Style Guide and relevant branding guidelines, and it will expand to include documentation for email, digital signage, and additional platforms.

Rivet will continue to support software with components, documentation, and add-ons. The visual styles may change so that email, websites, software, and other elements of the digital campus can complement one another. But its purpose will remain the same: Rivet 2 will help designers and developers craft great experiences.

We want your help

We’re proposing updates and new versions of components, visual designs, technical changes, and documentation—and we’d like your feedback before we implement them.

Anyone is welcome to comment on these proposals. We post them to this site as part of our Request for Comment (RFC) process, and we encourage you to share your thoughts about setup, design, and ways we can improve Rivet.

Check out the current proposals

Keep up-to-date

Before we transition to Rivet 2, we’ll launch Rivet 2.0-alpha.1 and release a migration guide. We’ll keep you updated as they become available.

In the meantime, you can submit feedback on an open proposal, review the v1 end-of-life plan, or get in touch directly.

Use Rivet today

Interested in using Rivet now? No problem. We’re still supporting Rivet 1.7, and we’ll continue to address bugs and critical accessibility issues for a period of time after launching Rivet 2.

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