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What is a beta?

Rivet 2 is in the beta stage of development

Beta software is a preview release made available for the purposes of community testing and feedback.

How is the beta version different from the alpha version? #

The beta releases of Rivet are different from the alpha releases in three ways: they more closely resemble the final product, they are more stable, and the documentation is more complete.

The beta more closely resembles the final product

The styles and functionality of the Rivet 2 beta is very similar to what we intend to release in the spring of 2022.

The beta is more stable

During the alpha phase of development, we experimented with different approaches to solving problems. Therefore, the styles, functionality, and code could change significantly with each new release.

The beta phase of development is more stable. During this period of development, our goal is to gather final community feedback and fix outstanding issues ahead of the 2.0.0 release in the spring. We do not intend to make significant, breaking changes between beta releases.

The beta documentation is more complete

As of the Rivet 2.0.0-beta release, all layouts, components, and utilities we plan on releasing as part of Rivet 2 are documented. During the alpha phase of development, many of these pages were missing content or contained only placeholders.

Things to consider #

Please keep the following things in mind when working with the Rivet 2 beta:

Beta releases may contain bugs

The Rivet 2 beta is still in the process of development and testing. You might run into bugs while working with it. If you do, let us know using one of the feedback channels listed below.

Beta releases change

While we intend for the beta releases to be more stable than alpha releases, it is possible that community feedback will require us to change how a part of the design system looks or works. You can view the changelog for complete details about each release.

Providing feedback #

You can provide feedback about the Rivet beta through the following channels: