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Rivet Requests for Comment

We want to make sure Rivet 2 fits everyone’s needs. That’s why we’re asking for feedback about our plans, updates, and designs.

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  • Design Tokens

    A method of codifying the values (like color and spacing) at the core of IU's visual identity and design system, enabling consistency across platforms and design executions.

  • Web Framework version system

    A simplified versioning and update system for the WCMS-based Web Framework, replacing the current method of manual updates.

  • Web Framework plugin system

    A system for creating and managing plugins for the WCMS-based Web Framework to accommodate custom components and functionality.

  • Rivet 2 header system

    A new header system for brand identity, navigation, and other interface elements that support way-finding and usability in both large and small digital properties.

  • Information architecture strategies for school websites

    Information architecture (IA) strategies for creating simple, familiar, and inclusive user experiences for school websites.

  • (More) Modular Sass

    This RFC proposes a new completely modular approach to Rivet’s Sass (SCSS) code base

    Technical RFC
  • Container and Grid Simplification

    This RFC proposes a few updates and additions to the Rivet container and grid system

    Technical RFC
  • Vanilla JavaScript Components

    This RFC proposes a fundamentally new strategy for the way Rivet JavaScript is written

    Technical RFC


  • Pages and layouts for sites and apps

    Prefabricated layouts that provide a starting point for building websites and web apps, making IU’s digital campus more familiar and usable.

  • Web Framework pattern library

    An updated catalog of components that will be available in version 2 of the WCMS-based Web Framework, which will bring together and refine patterns from the Web Style Guide and version 1 of Rivet.

  • Color palette updates

    A palette of colors grounded in IU’s visual identity, offering variations and secondary options to support a variety of interface and design needs.

  • Email pattern library

    A collection of components for creating IU emails, including header, footer, and content patterns that complement their equivalent patterns on the web.

  • Footer system

    A system of components for website footers, which accommodates a base footer and an optional region for additional way-finding and information.

  • Navigation and wayfinding patterns

    A collection of recommendations for website and app navigation and way-finding, building on Rivet’s header system and other link patterns.

  • Web Framework plugin technical specification

    Technical details of the proposed plugin system for the Web Framework, outlining requirements and development process.


How it works

RFCs typically involve two things:

  1. A proposal, like a new design pattern, a plan for technical changes, etc.
  2. A way to submit feedback, through GitHub, Google Docs, etc.

IU staff, faculty, and students are encouraged to let us know what they think about our proposals. We’ll use that feedback to iterate and improve the final results. Rivet is a community effort, and we thank you in advance for your time reviewing, contributing, and helping us make it the best it can be.

RFC categories

Rivet RFCs will fall into two categories depending on the type of proposal.

  1. Technical RFCs are available for review on GitHub. These can be accessed with your IU Login credentials. Within GitHub, you can leave comments, or propose revisions.
  2. General RFCs will be available on this site, with an option to provide feedback via Google Docs (access with your IU Login account). Comments will be recorded and visible to others browsing the RFC in Google Docs.